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RIGHTS Statement

All citizens of Australia have fundamental rights, which are underpinned by the principles of social justice. These fundamental rights are embedded in the values of Life Skills Victoria Inc (LSV Inc).  Accordingly, people with disability are entitled to express their views and uphold their rights, including but not limited to:

  • The right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • The right to access personal information held by LSV Inc.
  • The right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • The right to recognition and respect of cultural, religious, and diverse backgrounds.
  • The right to receive quality services that meet specific needs, and to be advised of the limits of the provided service.
  • The right to accurate information about available services to assist the person to make an informed decision about the most appropriate service for their needs.
  • The right to provide direct and honest feedback about the service provided without fear of retribution.
  • The right to the assistance of an interpreter if English is not the person’s first language, and/or information in other formats if required.

The right to express opinions and to be supported by an advocate, who may be a friend or relative or an advocacy agency, to speak out on the person’s behalf to protect and promote their rights and interests.

Compliments and Complaints Policy

How to Make a Complaint, Compliment or to Provide Feedback

If you are not satisfied with our service, or if you wish to compliment us or a staff member, or if you just want to make a suggestion, please contact us.  We take all complaints seriously and we aim to resolve them as quickly as possible.

You can contact us by:
Phone:            03 51277999
Mail:                PO Box 716 Moe 3825 Victoria

Online form link to the complaints form we use. It is in the policy document.

You can fill in online and email to us.

You can print the form and fill in and mail to us or deliver by hand

Our Complaints Process

  • We will listen to your concerns respectfully.
  • We will advise you that we have received your complaint within five business days.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous, we may be unable to respond to your complaint, compliment, or feedback.
  • We will contact you if we need to find out more information about your concerns.
  • Life Skills Victoria Inc will respect your privacy. We collect and handle personal information that you provide on this form only for investigating and responding to your complaint, compliment, or feedback.
  • We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint.
  • We aim to resolve your issue(s) within 30 working days.
  • We will let you know how you can seek a review of our decision if you’re not happy with the outcome.
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Easy English Complaints Policy

This is an easy-to-read version of Life Skills Victoria (LSV) Compliments and Complaints Policy.

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Client Incident Management Policy

Life Skills Victoria Inc (LSV Inc) is committed to ensuring that incidents which occur while providing supports and services to people with disability are managed consistently and effectively, and that staff can identify, manage, report, and resolve incidents.

LSV Inc promotes a culture of open reporting and ensures that all staff understand that they are supported to report any incident or alleged incident.

The organisation keeps an accurate register of all incidents that occur in relation to the provision of supports and services. It reviews data on incidents to identify patterns of behaviour or systemic issues that can be continuously improved in providing support to people with disability.

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Easy English Incident Management Policy

This is an easy-to-read version of Life Skills Victoria (LSV) Incident Management Policy.

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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Life Skills Victoria Inc (LSV Inc) recognises the essential right of individuals to have their information handled in ways which they would reasonably expect - protected on the one hand, and made accessible to them on the other. These privacy values are reflected in and supported by our corporate values: collaborative relationships, professional integrity, quality, responsibility, and client focus.

LSV Inc collects a range of personal information for the purposes of providing services, or to carry out our statutory functions, as well as for planning, funding, monitoring, and evaluating our services, but where practicable we remove identifying details from information used for these purposes.   We are committed to protecting and upholding the right to privacy of the people who use our services, and to protecting the privacy of personal information that we, and our funded service partners, collect.

LSV Inc will only collect personal information about an individual that is necessary, fair, lawful, and not intrusive.  We are bound by both the Federal and Victorian State Privacy laws as well as other laws which impose specific obligations regarding the handing of information.

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Easy English Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

This is an easy-to-read version of Life Skills Victoria (LSV) Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

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Unplanned Exit or Non-Attendance Policy

Unplanned Exit or Non- Attendance Policy.

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Whistleblower Policy

Life Skills Victoria Inc (LSV Inc) is committed to providing services with the highest standards of conduct and ethical performance. The organisation also promotes a culture of honest and ethical behaviour amongst its employees as well as excellent Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance. Often those with a working relationship with an organisation are the first to identify a problem.  LSV Inc encourages anyone who genuinely suspects any instance of suspected unethical, illegal, fraudulent, or undesirable conduct to make a report freely without fear of reprisal.

As an NDIS provider, we have obligations under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018 (Cth) to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure that a person who makes a complaint, or a person with a disability affected by an issue raised in a complaint, is not adversely affected as a result of the making of a complaint.

LSV Inc Whistleblower Investigation Officer

If you wish to raise an allegation of improper or corrupt conduct and have concerns about the internal reporting process outlined above, your complaint can be raised by contacting the following Whistleblower Investigation Officer directly:

People and Culture (03) 5127999 or email

External Avenues of Complaint

If you wish to raise a complaint with an external body, alternative contacts are as follows:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
Phone: 1800 035 544

Office of the Public Advocate
Level 1
204 Lygon Street
Carlton Vic. 3053
Local Call: 1300 309 337
TTY: 1300 305 612 Fax: 1300 787 510

The Victorian Ombudsman
Level 1, North Tower
459 Collins Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000
Phone 03 9613 6222
Fax 03 9614 0246

Health Complaints Commissioner
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000
Phone: 1300 582 113

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Access to Advocacy

Life Skills Victoria Inc (LSV Inc) acknowledges that individuals have the right to involve an advocate of their choice to represent their interests at any time. We promote the use of families and significant others to represent the views of people with disability who have difficulties in representing their own individual needs. We also recognise that people with disability have the right to decide to self-advocate, or to change their advocate if the need arises.

Disability Advocacy Agencies provide a critical role in ensuring the rights and interests of people with a disability are respected and realised.   We firmly believes that any person who uses our services has the right to seek the support of an advocacy agency to help deal with a disagreement with the organisation.  Life Skills Victoria is committed to working cooperatively with such agencies, and ensuring that people with disability are aware of, and how to access the use of an advocate/agency of their choice.

Advocacy services you can access include:

Gippsland Disability Advocacy Inc (GDAI):

Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability (VALID):

Self-advocacy Resource Unit (SARU):

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU):

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Client Code of Conduct

Life Skills Victoria Client code of conduct.

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Life Skills Victoria Inc is situated on the traditional lands of the Braiakaulung People of the Gunaikurnai Nation. We acknowledge them as the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.
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